Dr. Osama Abdel Azim

Senior Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at Abu Al-Reesh University Hospital – Qasr Al-Aini
• Holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Distinction with Honors – Cairo University
• Worked as a resident doctor in pediatric surgery for 3 years at Abu Al-Rish Hospital, which is the largest children’s hospital in the Middle East.
• Obtained a master’s degree in general surgery – Cairo University
• Worked as an assistant teacher and specialist in pediatric surgery for 4 years at Abu Al-Rish Hospital
• Received a doctorate in pediatric surgery, Cairo University, Kasr Al-Aini, and became a consultant pediatric surgeon
• Member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatric Surgery
• He has performed thousands of pediatric surgeries, both simple and complex ones
• Attended many scientific conferences and seminars specialized in pediatric surgery
• Presented papers bearing his name in international research papers
• More than 10 years experience in pediatric surgery

Clinics addresses

Dokki Clinic: 119 El Tahrir, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12615 , 8th floor ,84 Clinic

Maadi Clinic: New Maadi, El Nasr Street, Building 8/2, Tikka Building, 2nd floor, apartment 22, in front of Koshary Al Tahrir

Al Haram Clinic: 4 Ali Bin Abi Talib Street Al Taawon Al Haram next to Alexandria Bank and Al Farouq School fourth floor

Times of work

Dokki Clinic: Saturdays and Mondays from 5 to 7 pm 

Maadi Clinic: Sundays and Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm

Al-Haram Clinic: Saturdays and Mondays from 8 to 10 pm

Al-Haram Clinic: Sunday from 7 to 9 pm

Al Haram Clinic: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm 

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Unparalleled expertise in pediatric surgery

from day one following childbirth until 18 years

at Dr. Osama Abdel Azim Clinics specialized in pediatric surgery; Our mission is to ensure that your child is provided with the best level of medical care; Diagnose and treat cases with extreme accuracy using the latest devices and tools in the field of pediatric surgery, and we strive to achieve your satisfaction with our service and create all means and health care for the comfort of your children, under the supervision of Dr. Osama Abdel Azim is a consultant pediatric surgeon at Abu Al-Rish Specialized Hospital.

Clinic services


Undescended testis

Inguinal hernia

Cleft lip



Taking care of your baby is our mission

is not just about caring for your child

But it’s a long experience in that

Hiatal hernia 92%
Urethral surgery 95%
harelip 97%

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